Companion Planting and Accessories: Useful for Gardening

gardening accessories shop in the UK Apart from buying gardening accessories from online shops or from the markets, a gardener should also be careful about pest control. Though there are many synthetic pesticides to control the insects, natural ways are the best to control pests. Many people do not know an interesting fact that plantation of herbs and vegetables together helps to reduce the production cost. Several types of research have revealed that companion cropping or companion planting is really effective in reducing the attacks of the insects. In this way, one plant protects the other companion plant from pests. The insect pests, in this way, would be unable to identify their host plant.

What plants are the best to use in companion plant method? Well, marigold, tansy, oregano, peppermint, scallions, onion, garlic, basil, coriander, mint, thyme, marjoram, Ocimum, lemon basil, chives, parsley etc are few names of companion plant among a wide variety.

These herbs should be collected at first. They should be multiplied in order to increase the companion crops. The primary idea of companion plantation is simple. There are many plants which (mentioned above) grow better in the touch of certain companions. It is no miracle. If a gardener can maintain the method properly only then it will work magically. This method also helps to better the use of space, reduce the number of weeds and garden pests. Companion method also protects the plants from excessive heat, wind, and snow. In this context, something should be maintained. Tomato or carrots should never be mixed with dill; beans should not be planted with garlic and chives.

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