Buy Exquisite Weed Killer Gardening Accessories Online!

Weed is a living threat to any gardener. Online garden accessories shops have many alternatives for you to cleanse the garden of the weeds. But apart from these, you can also try some homemade weed killers which are very effective as well. These methods have been described below for you.

Boiling water:

Simply H2O can be used as weed killer. Boiling water is more preferable than many of the ready-made products.  It wipes out unwanted weed killers. You just need to boil water and pour it on the weeds you wish to kill. But you should be aware of the fact that boil water can harm any plant. Therefore, pour the water carefully, avoiding the plants and shrubs you want to nurture.


Bleach is known as spot remover. You can use it as weed killer. Put some bleach in a spray bottle and spray it on the places that you have pointed out as weed-affected.  The chemical in the bleach will evaporate in two days. It will make the place where you are going to plant, clear of weeds.


Vinegar is an organic weed killer, which you can get in your kitchen. The acetic acid in the vinegar kills the leaves on the plant without affecting the root. Vinegar kills any plant but it works best on the young plant as they do not have enough energy to store in the roots to get the rebuild the leaves.


In the primitive age, salt was a part of war tactic. The tactic was to salt the fields of the opponents. Sometimes salting to earth is regarded as a kind of punishment for severe punishment. The reason is that salt kills the plants and makes the ground unsuitable for the growth of the plants in future. Therefore, now you can easily use salt to kill the weeds in your garden.

Rubbing alcohol:

Rubbing alcohol can be used around the house as it draws water out and plants and evaporates it quickly. If you pour it on the plant it will draw the water and evaporate it.

Corn meal:

Corn meals do not kill the weeds but help to stop further development of the weed. Corn-gluten is a pre-emergent. Or even you can call it seed birth control in a funny way. You just need to spread corn leaves in your garden. After few days, you will notice that the weeds have stopped developing.

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