Choose the right fertilizer from online garden accessories stores

online garden accessories storesAs you know that rose bushes and vegetable plants require extra nourishment, choosing the right type of fertilizer is a crucial task in this respect. Fertilizers make the condition of soil good for the plants. It enriches the soil with all important nutrients that foster the growth of plants. Since there are different types of fertilizers available in online garden accessories stores, choosing the right one is a quite difficult for a newbie gardener. So how do you choose the best type of fertilizer for your garden?

Simply just check out this blog and you will come to know about few tips that will help you selecting the right type of fertilizer of your garden. So, let’s check out the tips below –

  • Must know fertilizer types and their application tips

Before you choose to buy a particular type of fertilizer, you must do a thorough research to know about the types of garden fertilizers and their applications. The number three code featuring on the fertilizer packet indicates the presence of three primary components namely, phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. Different plants and vegetables require the different composition of these nutrients.


There are mainly three types of fertilizers available in online gardening accessories stores such as chemical based fertilizer, water soluble and organic. Fertilizers that are made from natural elements are called organic fertilizers. Water soluble fertilizers are those that easily get dissolved in water and then applied at the base of the plants.

Application tips

As it is already mentioned that different types of plants require different composition of fertilizers, make sure that you properly read the application instructions on the packet to get best results. Organic fertilizers should be applied in the soil before planting trees. For applying chemical fertilizer, you must measure the amount of required sprinkle around the plant and then apply it. To apply water soluble fertilizer, mix it with water and apply at the time of watering.

  • Understand the level of nutrients

Most of the fertilizer packages feature the number three code that indicates the presence of three primary nutrients namely, phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. As for example, a fertilizer packet showing 5-10-5 indicates this fertilizer contains 5 percent potassium, 5 percent nitrogen, and 10 percent potassium. Depending on the growth of plants, you must determine the level of fertilizer.

Tips on applying fertilizers

  1. Apply water soluble fertilizer to flower plants in every three to four weeks. However, if you are applying it on small shrubs or perennials, repeat this process in every four weeks. Must read the application instructions on the packet.
  2. To apply organic fertilizer, you must strictly follow the guidelines featuring on the fertilizer package.

Where to buy quality fertilizer?

To buy high-quality fertilizer at affordable prices, you must choose such stores that supply garden accessories online. These stores offer a huge variety of fertilizers from where you can purchase one as per your requirement and budget. Both organic and chemical fertilizers are available in these stores.

Therefore, it can rightly be said that fertilization is an important process that every gardener should apply irrespective of its content and form.


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